Welcome to our services page

     Wedding services: NHPC offers a very flexible wedding service style. The weddings are coordinated and planned by Delphine Maurer. The sanctuary can be decorated to the desire of the couple. The production can also be customized to the desire of the couple this includes video production as well as audio production. The sanctuary also has a balcony as well as choir loft, this allows multiple views for recording and photography of the wedding. For more information, please contact our secretary Jen Rigatti.



Renting services: NHPC can offer renting, this includes the renting of certain areas of the building. The areas can be rented one time, weekly, or monthly, certain renting privileges can allow for wifi connectivity, video production, sound production, and stage use. Please feel free to to contact our secretary Jen Rigatti for more information. The areas available for rent include:

  • Fellowship Hall
  • Sanctuary
  • Gymnasium
  • Education Wing
  • Parlor